Three Helpful Tips to Keep Burglars at Bay

Experts report that roughly two million homes are burglarized each year, and near 30% of burglars enter a home through a door or window that has been left open or unlocked. Of course, burglars are opportunistic by nature. Knowing what they look for in a targeted home can help you protect your most valuable belongings against the threat of burglary.

1. Safeguard Your Garage Door

In Chicago, you can contact a garage door company for assistance in protecting your home against the threat of burglary. Experts say that a burglar can break into a home with a roll-up garage door in just six seconds using nothing more than a coat hanger. Replacing your garage door to make sure it is safe and secure against a burglar can ensure that you are not the next target on a burglar’s list.

2. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Make sure you lock your doors and windows every night before you go to bed and each time you leave the house. Even in the smallest and seemingly safest of neighborhoods, an unlocked or open door or window invites trouble into your home. As added protection, add bolts or chain locks to your door to prevent an opportunistic criminal from breaking in.

3. Install a Home Alarm

A home alarm system can be just the right deterrent to keep a burglar out of your home. Burglars look for a fast way in and out of a home. Lights and loud sounds will often scare a burglar off because they want to avoid being seen and caught. There are alarm systems that sound off with a loud noise to alert your neighbors. You can also hook one up that is attached to a set of interior or exterior lights to further discourage a potential burglar.

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By applying the steps above, you can protect your home from the threat of burglary, thus protecting yourself, your family, and your valuables.