If Your Home Smells Bad, Look at the Crawlspace

Floor joists in crawlspace

Bad odors do not only cause discomfort. They can also worsen or introduce poor indoor air quality. They can increase the risks of respiratory diseases. They can affect your sleep, mood, and other areas of your life.

A home can smell many different things, and the bad one can come from a variety of sources. One of the least-checked places is the crawlspace. A crawlspace can be a haven for many types of objects and organisms that can create a nasty smell directly or indirectly.

Here are some of the common reasons to call for crawlspace solutions here in Indianapolis.


Molds develop when there’s a lot of moisture in the environment. The location of the crawlspace makes it a good breeding ground for these fungi. It is dark and wet. Like other living organisms, they can create a smell. Not only that, once the furnace runs, they travel through the ducts.

They then spread all over the house.


Rats like to breed in places where they can be left alone, and these include the crawlspaces. They also provide plenty of room for these creatures to reproduce, which they do quickly. On the average, a pair of rats can have more than 1,000 babies in a year. Many of them will die underneath the house.

Rotted Wood

There’s no question that wood remains one of the most beautiful construction materials. When treated and maintained, they can last for more than 40 years. But they can also go through severe deterioration such as wood rot. It occurs for a lot of reasons.

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Either way, the breakdown of the cellulose can generate specific types of smell.

Do you know more than 35 percent of the smell of the first floor comes from the crawlspace? It is, therefore, a part of your home you should not take for granted. When you smell something terrible, make it one of the first places to check.