A Touch of Europe: 4 Amazing Ways to Give Your Garden that European Vibe

Old man in his garden

For most people, having antique English copper planters in their garden is enough to give it a European look. But you can create a more distinct appearance for your garden by adding a few elements. Here are a few details you may want to put in your garden to make it stand out.

1. Stone Surfaces

French gardens are known for their stone terraces and gravel paths. Adding gravel paths to your garden helps define the path area. Keep weed growth at a minimum to maintain your gravel path’s pristine condition.

2. Slopes and Tiers

Many European gardens sit on tilted landscapes. If you want the same sloping landscape for your garden, add stone walls and plants. Doing so will help keep the soil intact while enhancing the aesthetic of your garden.

3. Geometric Plant Beds

You can create geometric shapes for your garden’s planting beds that are pleasing to the eye. You may want to edge the parterres with low boxwood borders to give them a more classic look.

4. Water Elements

If you still have ample space left, add a fountain to cap your garden redesign. European gardens have beautiful fountains that lend a romantic look to the place. You may want to put your fountain in the middle as the focal point of your garden.

Adding a European touch to your garden will give it a unique and classic appeal. Working with a company that knows a lot about European gardens and has access to garden antiques and furniture will make your redesign project much easier.

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