4 Everyday Objects You Can Turn into Stunning Plant Containers

succulent plant pots

Container gardening has many benefits you cannot simply get from traditional gardening methods of planting on the ground. For one, container gardening lets you save on water and fertilizers, as these nourishments are exclusively provided for the plant. Also, managing plants that are potted are way easier. You can perform basic gardening tasks much easier — pest control, pruning, deadheading, and harvesting.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, container gardening is favored by many homeowners because of the versatility it offers in terms of aesthetic value. The best thing is you can easily move your plants around — bring them indoors, arrange them on the windows, hang them on the porch and so on.

Furthermore, there are virtually no rules in container gardening. While you can have indispensable terracotta planters from local garden supplies, you can use almost everything that can hold up soil. This practice lets you use your resourcefulness, creativity, and even your imagination to liven up your living space. Here are some simple everyday objects that you can turn into stunning planters:

Tin cans and tin boxes

Put those old tin can and boxes to good use by turning them into planters. Poke holes on the bottom, add soil, and plant your favorite flowers and annuals. Herbs also grow well in spacious containers. Paint them with vibrant colors and you get fun and stylish accents for your garden.


Don’t throw that old birdcage just yet, as they can be made as planters for succulents. Arrange hen and chicks, aloes, and other succulents along with mosses in the cage. Now you have a beautiful table centerpiece or a hanging planter for your balcony.

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Kitchen utensils

Your kitchen can be a treasure trove of pretty plant containers. A colander is one good example. This kitchenware already has holes for drainage and they make lovely hanging planters too — thanks to their colors. Don’t forget your old teapots and teacups. All you need is to drill holes on the bottom and you get cute and dainty mini planters.

Old shoes and boots

Make a statement by using shoe and boot planters. They make an interesting addition to your garden. Isn’t fun to see beautiful flowers and vines growing from rather ugly and torn footwear?

Container gardening is fun. Whether you prefer traditional terracotta and plastic pots or DIY upcycled planters, you’ll see it makes a fun hobby and a great way to beautify your home.