Installing Insulation? Don’t Do It Yourself.

Man Spraying Foam Insulation

DIY or do-it-yourself projects are suitable for many things like designing your shoes or painting your room. What it isn’t advisable for is installing insulation in your home.

Because 30 to 35 percent of heat gets lost through your walls and windows, you might have considered installing insulation. But, if you’re not an insulation expert, you may do more harm than good with your home and your health. Here’s why you should hire a professional insulator instead:


Spray foam insulation’s ability to fill in cracks in the walls makes it a popular choice of insulation for many Kansas City homeowners. But A+ Insulation, a group of expert insulators, warned against its health hazards when you try installing it by yourself. Spray foam insulation can be a fire hazard if not applied correctly. This type produces a lot of heat, so if the application is too thick, it might burst into flames. Likewise, fiberglass insulation also presents risks. It is made of tiny shards of glass that can cut through your skin and make you itch.

Right Insulation

Different homes need specific kinds of insulation. Expert insulators know what kind fits best with your home. What’s more, professionals are more effective at getting the job done because they can install insulation with higher R-Value. The R-Value is a material’s capacity to resist heat flow. The higher this is, the better insulation, so it’s best to leave this to the experts.

Special Equipment

A mistake in the heat, pressure, and spray-gun combination can lead to insulation’s instability. Renting proper insulation equipment can be costly, and it’s hard to wield if you’re untrained. Meanwhile, professional installers are trained and adequately equipped with top-of-the-line materials, guaranteeing a successful insulation installation.

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You might end up paying more by doing it yourself instead of hiring professional insulation installers. Keep in mind that these services exist to make people’s lives easier. It’s better to rely on insulation experts because they can surely get the job done.