Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?

man cleaning air conditioner filter

Air conditioners make the hot weather more tolerable, especially during the summer season. Unfortunately, your AC unit will experience a few downs along the way. To ensure this doesn’t happen often. you need to maintain your air conditioner; otherwise, it poses a risk to your health.

Here are some health conditions that are associated with dirty air conditioner:

Breathing Problems

Air conditioners that aren’t clean enough make the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. They also serve as the home of black mold. Once they go air-borne, these microorganisms can lead to a range of breathing problems, such as pneumonia. Experts say that air conditioning systems with poor maintenance and damage are particularly ideal for pathogens that contribute to illnesses.

One of your best defenses is having well-maintained. Have an AC repair service provider in Draper check on your unit.

Legionnaire’s Disease

The Legionella bacteria that causes this disease grows best in temperatures between 68 to 122° F. This makes the warm and moist environment inside air conditioning units an ideal breeding ground for the bacteria. If not treated promptly, Legionnaire’s disease may cause permanent physical and mental damage.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome, which typically affects office workers, is marked by respiratory problems and headaches that make affected individuals leave the building. The condition is often associated with unhealthy factors in the working environment, such as poor ventilation and air conditioning.

A 2004 study found that people who work in buildings with central air conditioning tend to have more symptoms of the illness. Central air conditioning does not bring fresh air but circulates old air. This means that if there are dust and mold in the air, it can affect people with air-borne infections. This makes them more vulnerable to sicknesses.

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A dirty and damaged air conditioner can pose risk to your health. Contact an AC service draper to check your unit regularly and ensure that your unit is clean and free of pathogens.