4 Things to Think About When Building a Granny Flat

photo of a cabin

Having a small space where you can easily access the things you need is a good idea, especially if you live alone or is looking into a minimalist kind of living. That is why many homeowners are starting to invest in granny flats.

These small flats can be an extension of their homes or can help them further generate income while adding value to their property. Finding a qualified granny flat builder is important but not enough; there are other things worth considering if you would like to have one.

1. Purpose

Many homeowners build a granny flat to have a spare room where they can relax and unwind. Others build one for the sole purpose of adding value to their property. Some use the opportunity to generate extra income by renting the flat out. Determining your purpose before building can help you determine what type of granny flat to build.

2. Requirements

Different states have different local building requirements. This would include obtaining the necessary permits and having the right land size. Getting all the legalities out of the way and adhering to the requirements peacefully can make the project more stress-free.

3. Budget

A granny flat is an extension of your home that is often built from scratch. Setting aside a reasonable budget that can help you build a decent flat without overspending is ideal.

4. Builder

Your chosen builder can make or break the project. A good and trusted one can help you get the granny flat of your dreams without much hassle and within your budget. Take your time in choosing a builder and always follow your gut. Doing your research will also be helpful.

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A granny flat might be small, but there are plenty of big things to consider to make sure you build the right one. Use all the information and help you can get.