Available Options for Electric Fireplace Mantels

Family wearing socks in front of the fireplace

There are now several options for heating your home during winter. There is, however, something very relaxing and comforting about having a burning fire with its soothing crackles and ambient lighting. Unfortunately, for many people, this burning fire comes with allergic reactions and a mess from the flue and wood used.

Thankfully, there is now an option to have a burning fire appearance in your home without the disadvantages. This option lies in an electric fireplace mantel for Salt Lake City properties. Here are three options for electric fireplace mantels.

Wall Mantels

These are the standard option for most property owners. These electric fireplace mantels are designed for installation against a flat wall. They give your room a traditional fireplace look and an illusion of an authentic wood-burning fireplace. Uintahfireplace.com guarantees that the installation of wall electric fireplace mantels does not require demolition of any area of your room.

Rolling Mantels

These are the ideal choice for people who want to move the fireplace from one room to another. The convenience makes it a standard option for people living in condos, ranch-style homes, trailers, and lofts. A rolling fireplace mantel can be used to heat only occupied rooms rather than your entire home. It is hence among the most energy-efficient fireplace options.

TV/Media Console Mantels

These mantels allow you to combine your fireplace and entertainment unit. It comes with an integrated heater, a realistic fireplace, and spaces for cables and entertainment systems. A TV/media console fireplace mantel comes in different sizes and can be further customized to match your room’s décor. It is an all-inclusive option for bedrooms and family rooms.

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The above electric fireplace mantels have numerous benefits over their gas and wood counterparts. They give your room an instant ambiance, are energy-efficient, come with thermostatic control, and have little to no maintenance needs. Their installation is also faster and cheaper compared to wood and gas fireplaces.