How to Know if Your House Is Safe from Thieves

a burglar attempting to break into a house

You are always able say that your house is secure against thieves. You check your locks, install alarms and stay alert. However, are these measures enough?

A survey from the Bureau of Statistics shows that over 200,000 households in Australia became victims of break-in attempts from 2009 to 2010. If you don’t want to be a part of this statistic, check out these three ways to keep your shelter more secured.

1. Examine the possible entry points.

Think from a burglar’s perspective and examine your house’s weaknesses. Check your doors and windows. If you have a hollow core door, ENTRO advises to change your door hardware into a solid wood or steel one. It is also good to put bars or grills on your windows.

2. Upgrade your security.

Technology has improved a lot, and it is beneficial to take advantage of this. Aside from high-tech alarms and surveillance cameras, use your TV and lights to ward off thieves.

You could make robbers think that there are people in your home, even when you are away, by setting timers on your appliances. Another effective measure is to get a guard dog. It requires your effort and time, but it is a good investment.

3. Befriend your neighbours.

Your neighbours could also be your security cameras and guards. They can tell you if someone suspicious is surveying your yard, and they could also help you during emergency situations. Thus, make some time to talk to them. You could also get tips and even learn from their experiences.

Keeping your house safe seems hard, but it is actually easy. You just need to think out of the box and use your resources wisely. If you have strong doors and windows, good security and caring neighbours, it will be difficult for thieves to break into your house.

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