The 3 Types of Detached Greenhouses

a lady holding a potted plant

Greenhouse farming is one of the best ways to extend your planting season or to plant a variety of crops regardless of your area’s climatic condition. When shopping for a greenhouse, you will come across many designs. Detached/stand-alone greenhouses are ideal if you have sufficient space.

These structures allow in more sunlight and are larger than attached greenhouses. A commercial greenhouse installation will offer for your detached greenhouse. Here are the three primary ones.

Quonset Greenhouse

This is also called a hoop house. The dome-shaped structure allows the optimal inlet of sunshine. The hoops of a Quonset greenhouse are typically made of PVC or aluminum pipes glazed with polyethylene panels or film. It is generally the cheapest detached greenhouse design, but its sidewalls limit headroom and storage space. Its frame design is also not as strong as other designs, making it unsuitable for extreme climatic conditions.

Gothic Arch Greenhouse

For most people, this represents the most aesthetically appealing detached greenhouse design. It features walls that form a pointed roof typically with plastic sheathing and gothic-like windows. A Gothic arch greenhouse conserves heat, and its design allows for easy snow and water runoff. Like the Quonset greenhouse, its low sidewalls might limit headroom and storage space.

A-Frame Greenhouse

This is among the most common detached greenhouse types. Its simple design and minimal use of materials make it inexpensive. An A-frame greenhouse has a triangular structure and maximum headroom. It, however, has less storage space compared to other detached greenhouses, and its tapered sidewalls might pose a challenge in ventilation at the corners.

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You might get other detached greenhouse types, but they are generally variations of the above. Regardless of your option, you’re likely to reap maximum yields. Before settling on one design, consult your greenhouse manufacturer on the best for your space and climatic conditions.