Tips for Installing Vinyl Siding Panels

Improving your house exterior

Vinyl siding panels make sense for many homeowners, and they don’t have to be cheap or look simple. The curb appeal of a vinyl siding depends on the experience of a siding company like Double T. Inc. Here are ways to make vinyl siding panels look more appealing than ever:

Orient Your Joints Correctly

You can install siding panels in a way that they overlap. Orienting them away from the front side of the house increases their curb appeal. Without professional help, the wafer-thin siding panels might appear like a sore thumb.

Foam-backed Orientation

While the true insulation value of foam-backed panels can be debated, homeowners can back their insulated vinyl panels with rigid foam. The foam keeps the face of the boards crisp-looking and stiffens them up over time. However, homeowners should only use siding panels with ribbed back surfaces to allow water that leaks behind the surface of the siding panels to drain.

Install Premium Siding

The quality of siding panels depends on the amount that you’re willing to spend. Better vinyl siding panel grades have a stiffer profile and broader color palette. The upcharge for premium siding panels can’t break your budget.

Keep the Siding Panels Straight

You can use control lines to straighten vinyl siding panels. Straightened panels don’t curve when laying them up on a tall wall. You might also need to snap lines for trim elements such as corner boards. Also, use long siding panels helps reduce telltale joints on a tall wall.

Overall, you can change the look and feel of your vinyl siding panels. Enhancing the appearance of siding panels can affect the resale value of your property. It’s crucial to install premium siding panels and paint them regularly.

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