Why Geodesic Domes Are Perfect for Your Backyard

man watering his plants inside his geodesic dome

Greenhouses allow people to ensure crops year round and on almost any terrain. Having a greenhouse in your backyard or home offers you the chance to grow fresh, organic, and sustainable produce. However, before purchasing a standard greenhouse, why not give domes a chance?

First built in the 1940’s by mathematician Buckminster Fuller, a geodesic dome has an advantage over traditional, box-type greenhouses. If you are interested in owning a dome of your own, many geodesic dome greenhouse kits are for sale online. If you still aren’t convinced, here are some pros to having your own dome:

Strength in Numbers

The main advantage of a geodesic dome is durability. Geodesic domes are composed of interconnected triangles that offer both strength and rigidity. Because of this, geodesic dome triangles can withstand almost any climate.

A dome’s unmatched strength can withstand a barrage of elements including rain, snow, and even earthquakes. Because of its round shape and lack of surface area, a geodesic dome is impervious to tornadoes. This ensures that your crops are protected.


Traditional greenhouses are notorious for seeping hot air. Because geodesic domes are round, they not only circulate air more efficiently but also have fewer places for heat to hide. This ensures that your plants get the fresh air that they need.

Sharp angles are another disadvantage of traditional greenhouses. Hence, placement is always a key consideration when building a greenhouse. A dome’s lack of corners also allows more sunlight to flow through, allowing you to put up your dome wherever you want.

Because a geodesic dome is composed merely of triangles, the number of materials needed to build one is much less compared to your traditional greenhouse. The weight distribution of the triangles forming the dome is so good that it doesn’t require internal support.

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Domes have many advantages over traditional greenhouses. Thus, having one makes it easier to grow flowers, trees, and more.