4 Roller Door Issues and How to Fix Them

Every homeowner wants to feel safe and ensure security for his or her cars and other belongings. Garage door openers, just like other mechanical and electrical systems in your house, are prone to wear and tear and become faulty over time.

Homeowners must be aware of common roller door problems and the possible simple fixes.

Roller door shakes and shimmies

The problem happens when your garage roller door gets bagged up at the top or is running unevenly. You can close the garage door while exerting pressure on the higher side on the way down as you wait for a technician to fix the problem.

In addition, your roller door might be jumping on its way down due to incorrectly set torsion springs that strain the motor because it has to do all the work on its own. A roller door service professional in Cairns should handle the problem; otherwise, it will shorten the service life of your garage roller door.

Remote control door opener does not work

If your remote control door opener is not working, check if the roller door opens from the open or close button. You can also check on the lights on the motor and the batteries on the remote. If all that does not solve the issue, you will need to call a technician to inspect your door and fix it.

Guides and wind locks

The other common roller door problem is the faulty guides and wind locks. If you notice that your roller door has become more massive than normal, then you need to hire a technician to inspect your guides. In addition, you can see a problem with your guides when the door motor is struggling to operate. To avoid this issue, ensure that you clean the guides regularly because they get dirty over time.

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Sticky roller door

The last thing you want is a sticky roller door. It could be a result of obstructions or lack of proper lubrication. But there could be an underlying issue that requires the attention of a technician.

Roller doors, just like any other part of your home, require routine maintenance. One of the best ways to avoid these roller door issues is by lubricating the moving parts and hiring a technician to inspect the doors regularly. Proper cleaning is also important to get rid of dirt and other obstructions.