How Much Would a Refrigeration System Installation Cost?

Handyman repairing the fridge

Americans who plan to install a refrigeration system at home should expect to pay between $203 and $692, while the average cost in the U.S. amounts to $448.

Your location will be a factor for knowing the actual amount. The same applies when getting professional help for appliance repairs. For instance, the cost of fridge repair in Utah may be lower than in California.

Type of Installation

Other than the location, the type of refrigeration will affect the overall cost of installation. Reach-in refrigerators have the lowest installation cost of at least $100 for residential purposes. Commercial systems, such walk-in refrigerators may cost up to $10,000 for the installation alone.

Homes usually choose reach-in systems and the installation process only takes a few hours. Depending on the rate of your service provider, you may spend between $250 and $850 for the cost of labor. Since it is quite expensive to buy a new system, there are times that repairing old refrigeration systems are more affordable.

Cost of Repair

The typical cost of labor and the price of replacement parts for repairing broken appliances is at least $200 on average. If you have an ice maker, you would need to spend an additional $330. Do note that the age of the appliance will be important to learn if it is more sensible to pay for repairs than get a replacement.

It’s more practical to pay for repairs if you have been using the refrigerator for less than eight years. Replacements would only become ideal for units that are more than 15 years old.

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Whether you are looking for installation or repair service, it is better to hire a professional in your area instead of doing things yourself. Refrigeration systems are quite complicated, especially if you are unaware of its functionalities. How much are you willing to spend on the installation service?