Maintaining Stair Safety: Common Damage to Staircases

Things to Check on Staircases for Safety

Staircases in public places, offices and even households may suffer damage from heavy foot traffic. Although the wear and tear may seem quite minor, if left unchecked, the damage can lead to missteps and injuries. A cracked step or an uneven landing can cause a trip or fall, so it’s sensible to regularly check for potential stairwell hazards. Here are some common faults to look out for:

Stair Steps − Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips can form on the stair’s steps after repetitive use, including activities like running or lugging heavy objects.  The damage can be dangerous; uneven surfaces or protruding objects cause trips and stumbles, potentially leading to a twisted ankle or worse.

Different stair materials require specific treatment; for example, many outdoor stairs are made of concrete which may crack due to extreme weather, Concrete patch and repair products are an effective way to fill in the cracks leave a durable and solid surface.

Loose or Detached Handrails

Handrails provide support and stability for people when using the stairs. However, if the railings become loose or wobbly, users can lose their balance. When checking the stairs, make sure that railings are secure. Some railings only require a screw to be tightened or replaced, but some instances may require replacement, for example, when a metal rail is rusted.

Worn Out Nosing and Treads

Nosing and treads prevent slipping on steps by providing additional grip. They prevent slipping and tripping. They are additions to the main stair structure and wear out with heavy use or prolonged exposure to the elements. Check they are not worn and make sure they are replaced before it’s too late.

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Whether an indoor or outdoor staircase, you need to make sure that staircases are safe. Checking for defects and carrying out repairs early will reduce the chance of injuries and promote a safe environment.