Soldering Techniques Used in Jewelry Repair

Jeweler working in the shop

Your pieces of jewelry are significant investments meant to last indefinitely. Unfortunately, sometimes even the best-cared-for pieces break due to different reasons. Fiddling with your jewelry to fix it usually causes irreparable damage. The ideal alternative is professional repair.

In Utah, gem dealers such as AAA Jewelers have many techniques to fix jewelry. One of them is soldering, which connects the melted ends of your broken jewelry to form a complete whole. Here are the different techniques often used in jewelry repair:

Torch Soldering

This technique is also called brazing or hard soldering. It can repair gold and silver jewelry. It can also fix bronze and copper items. The three grades of torch soldering include medium, soft, and hard. Torch soldering involves surface oxidation through pickling solutions.

Soft Soldering

This is done using a soldering iron and uses a relatively lower melting temperature compared to hard soldering. Soldering irons have different tips and wattages for metals. Soft soldering can repair base metals, such as pewter and plated metals. However, the bonds that it forms are not very strong.

Laser Soldering

This is the latest jewelry repair technique. It can repair fragile jewels, and it is not time-consuming. Though costly, laser soldering causes less discoloration compared to hard and soft soldering because the beam used for repair is narrow.

Overall, the given soldering techniques require not only the right tools but also expertise. Entrusting your jewelry repairs to anyone is detrimental. Find a reputable dealer to ensure an optimal repair job.

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