The Different Types of Doors for Walk-In Bathtubs

modern walk-in bathroom

Bathroom safety is a key consideration for senior and individuals with limited mobility. There are different appliance you could include in your bathroom to enhance its safety and utility. But none matches a portable walk-in tub. For those who find a conventional bathtub challenging, experts at Heavenly Walk-In Tubs shares that walk-in tubs have various features designed to ease the process of taking a soaking bath.

Among the vital safety features of a portable tub is its door. The doors of walk-in tubs could open in different ways. The different types of doors allow the user to get into the tub without going over its side. Here are the different style options for walk-in tub doors.

Inward Swinging Door

This type of door is ideal for large walk-in tubs which can accommodate the door in their bathing space. An inward swinging door is the best choice for wheelchair users. The door holds the water pressure inside the tub when closed. In some models, you need to open the tub door to drain the water in the tub. This might prove disadvantageous in an emergency.

Outward Swinging Door

Tubs with an outward swinging door will need additional bathroom space to open the door, but the tubs themselves are generally small. Outward swinging doors are easy to open and convenient in case of the need of an emergency exit. Their door seals are however not as durable as those in inward swinging doors and they are not very convenient for wheelchair users.

Sliding Doors

These doors slide up and down the walk-in tub’s edge. They sit approximately two feet off your bathtub’s lower edge and have side panels. Sliding doors are an excellent option for wheelchair users. They can be slid down to enter the tub which offers ease of access and easy exit.

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The swinging doors can be opened to the left or right. The above doors are made from materials other than the acrylic and fiberglass used in the tub’s shell. All the materials used for the portable tub doors are nonetheless moisture-resistant.