Understanding the Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater at Home

Green rainwater tank

Collecting rainwater may seem like a fad, but there are many reasons to do it. Rainwater harvesting makes better use of water resources, saves money and helps preserve the environment for future generations.

Rainwater is a completely free environmental resource, so it makes sense to use it properly. Why pay high bills for mains water when it is possible to tap into a supply that nature provides? Families who harvest their own water are able to reduce their reliance on mains water drastically. Those using a metered water system can enjoy smaller bills.

Here are more compelling reasons to use poly rainwater tanks at home:

Council Rebates

Many areas of Australia now require that new builds be fitted with rainwater tanks as a standard. Homeowners may receive rebates from their local council when they install one at home. This rebate could allow them to cover the cost of their rainwater tank.

An Alternative to the Mains Supply

Some areas are not connected to a mains supply. Rainwater tanks then exist as an alternative water supply. Depending on the type of tank used and the roofing materials used on the home, it may be possible to use rainwater as drinking water. In many cases, it is purer than mains water, not having been treated with chemicals or fluoride. There are different methods to purify rainwater and make it safe for drinking.

Agriculture and Food Preparation

Rainwater can be used to water lawns and plants and to wash food that is being prepared for meals. This is useful where there are hosepipe bans in place.

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Running Household Appliances

Rainwater can be used to flush toilets, for washing machines and for cleaning the house and car. If the water is harvested in a tank suitable for collecting drinking water, then the water will also be suitable for showering.

Rainwater harvesting provides water to areas with no mains supply. It takes the pressure off the mains service and reduces consumption in homes that do have it. It can be used for the home and garden and may reduce the water bills dramatically.