3 Ways to Create a Rustic Bedroom Design Using Only Live Edge Boards

Rustic Design for your Bedroom

Live edge boards are perhaps the easiest natural design element to work with. Here we have three ideas on how to use it in designing a rustic bedroom that has the right balance of simplicity and pizzazz. Let’s get started!

A Beautiful Headboard

If you’re a fan of unique furniture pieces, a live edge headboard just might be the right one for you. Because these boards have random curves and edges, it makes for a one-of-a-kind design. Though there may be other headboards using the same material, the form and finish vary, so no two pieces are exactly alike.

A Lighting Fixture Panel

A great looking lighting fixture can dramatically improve the look of any room. Create a rustic pendant light using a small piece of live edge board, some hemp rope, and Edison bulbs. Nothing’s quite like a vintage looking piece of lighting furniture that has the perfect blend of rustic and industrial elements combined to create one unique design.

A Charming Side Table

Don’t toss the left-over slabs just yet. These small pieces can be used to create a side table that’s small enough to fit the space on the side of your bed and big enough to hold a lamp and a few items, or place it next to an existing side table so that it serves as a stool.

This decorative piece of furniture adds to the overall look for a full-on rustic bedroom design that you’ll surely love.

Getting creative with this design material is easy, and the things you can build with it are endless. Other than the three ideas mentioned in detail above, these boards can also be used as mirror frames, a desk, a wall art, and even made into a pegged board, which can be used to organize accessories like scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and the like.

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What other design and furniture ideas do you have in mind using live edge boards? Let us know in the comments below.