Categories of Assessment Standards for Entrapment as a Criminal Defense

Defense lawyer at the court

A criminal conviction is generally the worst thing you might have to deal with. It comes with different penalties, including fines, jail time and community service. These might however not be the worst things that come with a criminal conviction. The sentence will negatively impact different areas of your future, like child custody and employment.

It is thus vital to get a good defense lawyer from a Lynnwood-based firm to get you an acquittal. One of the best defenses is entrapment. With this defense, you will prove that you committed a crime because you were baited into it by a law enforcement officer.

Here are the legal assessment standards for an entrapment defense.

Objective standard

Under this standard, you must prove that the bait used to induce you to commit a crime would have lured any reasonable person to commit the same offense. The primary focus of an objective standard is on the law enforcement officer’s actions. This is unlike other defenses in which your actions are the focal point.

Subjective standard

With this standard, you should prove you had no prior inclination to commit a crime. This is vis-à-vis the bait used in entrapment. Though the law enforcement officer’s actions might have been extreme, you will get an acquittal if you prove you were solely motivated by the bait to commit the crime.

Burden of proof

This applies to both subjective and objective assessment standards. If you sufficiently prove entrapment under an objective standard, the jury must find you innocent. Under a subjective standard, the jury will only find you innocent if the prosecution can prove you had a criminal predisposition.

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The criminal code of entrapment differs among states. To ensure this defense works in your favor, and passes the above assessment standards, get a seasoned lawyer to handle your case. He/she will also assess your case and suggest any other defenses that will work for you.